Event Security


We provide security for all type of Functions / Entertainment / Cultural Shows, Ear Checking , Sports & Games on temporary basis to control excessive traffic & safeguard the premises of our Clients. We carry the potential to meet the expectations of our clients as far as their safety is concerned. We at SOS Group, perfectly understand the probability of criminal and nefarious activities in an event or concert and take the onus of controlling them with the support of our event security guards. We hire the most efficient and sturdy security guards with immense courage to manage any type of situation without any fear. Our event security staff never cut a sorry figure, no matter how much critical the situation is. Accepting every challenge with guts is one of the traits that we instil into the nerves of our security leaders.

The event management is a tough job and the security plays the major role in it. Keeping this fact in mind, we remain very cautious while hiring the event security guards and ensure that they are efficient enough to tackle every situation smartly. We, at SOS Group, provide them the most reliable Event Security Services for occasions as annual shareholder meetings, offsite board meetings, conventions, exhibitions, holiday parties, trade shows, employee events, fairs, etc. We also provide Event Security Services for activities such as transporting high value items from one part of the state or country to another and maintaining security while those items remain at the site. To efficiently render these Event Security Services, we first understand the nature and scope of the event thoroughly and then tailor an event security response based on the client's need as well as the realm of circumstances surrounding the event.

We have a team of experts who handle the front of event security. They first understand the requirements of the clients and then assign the task of security to our skilled officers. We also provide the options of customized event security services to the clients where they are free to add any kind of relevant assistance as per their needs. We offer flexible packages of event security services to our clients and always open our door for any kind of suggestions or feedback. If there is a room of improvement in our services, we never skip the same and this is what we convey to our clients also.